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Monday – Friday 6:30am–8pm
Saturday 7am–8pm
Sunday 7:30am–8pm


Metropolis Coffee Company
Granville Avenue Café
1039 West Granville Avenue  (Map)
Chicago, IL 60660

t.   773.764.0400
f.   773.338.4908


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It's a beautiful morning at Granville and Kenmore Avenues in Edgewater, a diverse, vibrant community tucked into Chicago's far north side. As the sun glances off the whitecaps on Lake Michigan, visible just two blocks to the east, folks find their way into Metropolis for a cup of coffee or a mug of tea. Maybe they're grabbing it to go -- the CTA's Red Line, the city's venerable north-south conduit and namesake for our signature espresso, grumbles by a few steps from the cafe's front door. Maybe they're getting a coffee to make it through class; after all, Loyola University is just a few blocks to the north. Or maybe they're staying right here in our vintage 1950s limestone building, which welcomes with tones of yellow and tons of local art, an array of seats that beckon, fresh pastries and sandwiches being prepared behind a big bay window, and an eclectic, observant, hat-savvy staff who know coffee as well as they know their customers.

Metropolis Coffee is located at 1039 West Granville Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. We're open and serving at 6:30 am Monday through Friday, at 7am on Saturday, and 8am Sunday. We're open til 8pm every night, so bring your laptop and stay awhile, because the Wi-Fi is always free. Questions? Give us a call at 773-764-0400.

So hey, stop by for a visit. Edgewater's a charming neighborhood. And with our range of internationally-sourced, daily-roasted coffees and flights of tasty teas, it's not like your taste buds will gripe.